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Fractured fairy tale (Hansel and Gretel)

Jordan & Jessica


Once upon a time in a far away place called America Jordan and Jessica were coming home from school when they thought it was a good idea to walk through the markets. When they stepped in people starting offering them stuff like how one said “Fried rice 2 dollar! Good price, good price!” The pair said “no thanks” to every offer they got until they saw the video game store.


They both went inside to look at this year’s newest games and found there was a huge sale on “Mario 74678346756486th edition” so they went to look at the price. They found out it was $89.99 so they went home to ask their mum and dad for the money to buy the game. The first question their parents asked was “What console is it on?” The pair answered with “the Xbox 5025319303536”. The parents approved but that wasn't the last question. The second question was “Do any of your friends have that game it?” They said “yes”. The third and final question was “How much do you have?” They said “$89.98”. So their parents said OK but it was the last time they lend money to them.


They went to buy the game but they found out there was a way to get it for free. The way was to spend a night in the back of the store. The pair thought it was going to be as easy as playing Pac-man with a cheat code. That night the pair went to the store, with their parent’s approval, at 7:00 PM.


Halfway through the night Jordan woke up to a flashing light, he looked at the clock and saw it was 11:61 He thought “That can't be possible… Can it?” He got up to see a big white swirling hole in the middle of the store. Jordan went back to wake up Jessica. Jordan shook Jessica until she woke up. Jessica was still tired but she got up and said to Jordan “it has to be 12:00.” She checked the clock but she was baffled by the fact that the clock said 11:61. After 10min of explaining the pair went back to sleep.


In the morning they went back to get their game. The clerk said they didn’t stay the full night so they had to do it again. The next night they went again and waited. Than the big white hole appeared again so they woke up. Jordan threw a piece of paper into the hole to see it didn’t come out the other side. Jordan and Jessica Got dressed and went into the swirling portal. First Jordan put his head through to see a world of old (cars, breakdancing and hats, lots of hats).


They went out of the portal and talked to some of the people to find it was 1979 the year MANN Co. was in a big war with Grey Co. because of money. Meaning that Grey Co.’s Robots would try to destroy Mann Co. and Saxton Hale (the Man who owns Mann Co.). They went to find someone who could help. The first person they went to was their grandparents at the time they were adults so their grandparents didn’t really listen and went on their way. The first place they looked was a train station they found 3 people, one was from Boston and could run fast, one was from America and had a big sense of patriotism, and the third one wore a mask and didn’t talk much but still wanted to help.


The now group of 5 went to other places in search of people to help. The group went to an airport to see if they could find any international people to help. They found 4 people there. One of them was German and knew a lot about medicine, one was Scottish and had a keen eye (pun intended) for explosives, another came from Texas and loved all things mechanical but the final one really caught the eye of everyone, it was a big Russian man and he came with a REALLY big suitcase. Than the last place they looked was at a grocery store, in there was a man, seeming to be from the Australian outback and called himself Mr. Mundee he agreed to join. When they thought they were done a man wearing a balaclava came over in a suit and said in a French accent “Gentlemen” with a cigarette in his mouth. Knowing that they couldn't employ the group and stop the robots so they took the group to Mann co. to get employed. After some of the paperwork was done they were now Mann co.’s mercenaries.


That night another Flash popped up in the middle of the night. Out of the Flashing hole came 2 of the mercenaries seeming to be from the future. The mercenaries said not to open something then they went back in time with a few sounds like a “hudda” and a weird crack. The pair spent most of the night at Mann co. when the clock said 11:61 they got up and went through the portal. The time was the same as the time they left so they slept until the morning and got their game.


They went home to see if the game would work on their console. The game did work but they didn’t like the game so they went back to the game store to return it. The clerk said that if you got the game from the store promotion you would have to use a helmet (supplied by the store) to virtually go into the game and beat the final boss by using their weapons in game. That day they were ready for the game and put on the helmet.


The first thing they saw was the word “Player 1” and “Player 2” on their screens and then they saw a world of blocks, turtles and other things. They were teleported to level 927, which was the final level. The things they were given were: 2 fire flowers and 2 mushrooms. In the real world one of the stores clerks dropped coffee on the console making it impossible to get them out without getting hurt. The boss they had to fight was Merasmus. He is a wizard who specializes in bombs. The first attack he did was shooting bombs out of his special book “The Bombinomicon”. The bombs didn’t hit them but the knockback hit them like a truck so they went flying and hit a wall. While the pair was down Merasmus put them in a Cage. Than Tried to turn them into bombs but the pair broke out of the cage by using their fire flowers. They put up a good fight but when Merasmus was at low health the pair used their mushrooms to grow to enormous size and with 2 punches each Merasmus was defeated!


They went to the end of the virtual room and got their separate prizes. Jordan’s was a code for a real life Pokémon of his choice and Jessica’s prize was another code for a real life Pokémon. After a long time of tinkering with the console the pair was let out of the game and they got their game as well as a free real life Pokémon, they both chose Pikachu and they lived happily ever after.


The End




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